The Katie Andryca Excellence in Art Award

Funded Through a private endowment Courtesy of

Dr. Janet Crain and Dr. Ira Klemons

Going on its 19th year, this award is given to two students graduating from the art program at Cedar Drive Middle School. 

The award was started to support the budding artists coming out of the Colts Neck art program in honor of Katie Andryca and her love of art that was cultivated there and turned into a legacy.

Each student receives a monetary award and (starting in 2017) the opportunity to show their work in our New York City Gallery event, [the art project].

Past Recipients

2002 – Angela Wang and Zoli Timar

2003 – Christina Assuncao and Kim Eng

2004 – Matt Peters, Tasha Manesis, and Leia Strahs

2005 – Krista Ruane and Samantha Emanuele

2006 – Kate Barron and Clarissa Vu

2007 – Jay Wall, Allison Beaty, and Jenna Rose Placitella

2008 – Alissa Cappelleri and Marisa Patti

2009 – Rick Napoliello, Carmen Porzio, and Michael Scilla

2010 – Elizabeth Mirasola and Taylor Polito

2011 – Cara Bieber and Arthur Futernik

2012 – Amy Stringer and Matt Jenkins

2013 – Emily Taylor and Alberto Rodriguez

2014 – Julia Dalton and Juliet Winther

2015 – Brian Hill

2016 – Nicole Caposello and Luccas Moreira

2017 – Catherine Procyk and Olivia Shiels

2018 – Christianna Simon and Kara Petrosino

2019 – Ciara Magnier and Ella McVey


Catherine Procyk shows her work at pop-up gallery in Tribeca, NYC at [the art project] 2018.