“Isn’t is amazing how one decision can lead to so many new opportunities if you just put one foot forward and jump right in. I never imagined myself starting a chapter on campus and at the time I almost said no. There’s no certainty that goals will succeed but the biggest thing you can do is to take your passion and apply it! Leadership can be daunting at first, especially when you are brainstorming ways to start up an idea/goal from scratch. However, with a great group of students and my founding committee, we learned how to have fun and make an impact on our patient population in small ways. It’s amazing to be a part of an idea that has the potential to grow. Even with our shortcomings, these memories and lessons I’ve carried on to help me start the next part of this journey. My team and I learned from each other and applied new experiences to widen our perspective! To this day we all call ourselves a MiM Family! This is the exact sentiment I hope to see continued with KAP Campus Chapters: A network of diverse student leaders bringing talent, leadership, and volunteerism together for a great cause that encompasses art and patients in many new ways”

-Clara Thomson, Former Music is Medicine at OU Founder/President/Current Executive Director of KAP Campus Chapters

Clara Thomson