It all started with just a passion, a group of compassionate and hard-working students, and a college campus, and the rest was history. Co-founding a non-profit organization on a school campus was never something I thought I would be able to do, and it turned out to be one of the coolest things I did in college. I can’t speak for all the other amazing individuals that helped laid the foundation for the founding chapter of MiM on our campus, but for me it was so inspiring to realize that opportunities as such and the tools to make our ideas come to fruition often exist within ourselves. We just had to give ourselves the chance to try. MiM did more than intertwine art, leadership, and volunteerism for us, it brought friends, students, patients, and communities together and created many creative outlets for all the individuals involved. May it be event-planning, talent-sharing, volunteering, or mentoring, a project like KAP would surely be a place for students to challenge and enrich themselves in many ways MiM had motivated and inspired its members and communities.

-Min Xiao/Co Founder, President, President Music is Medicine at OU

Clara Thomson