Prior to joining Music is Medicine (MiM), I volunteered with hospice and connected with many patients through music. I composed piano songs reflecting my patient’s livelihood and played it for them. I understood the value of connecting with patients and bringing them joy through music. When I learned about MiM, I was excited to meet people with the same passion that I had. Joining MiM, I received the opportunity to lead the organization’s largest philanthropy based on using music and creativity. I also gained my favorite memory by volunteering at the Children’s Hospital. The patients sang and played various instruments that outshined their illnesses. MiM provided opportunities to develop leadership skills and volunteerism. I have no doubt that Katie’s Art Project (KAP) will continue to expand MiM’s mission by not only using music but other forms of art to better the lives of children facing medical challenges. I cannot wait to see how well KAP will grow and the light it will bring to children.

-Patricia Truong, OU Lip Sync Battle Chair 2018, PA Student OUHSC

Clara Thomson