Music is Medicine (MiM) at University of Oklahoma


FOUNDING TEAM   From Left to Right: Front Row: Min Xiao, Josie Simmons, Derek Lehman, Autumn McCullough, Clara Thomson, Athena Nguyen/ Back Row: Samuel Wang, Jessica Shenoi, Olivia Gordon, Garrett Bryant, Jordan Stafford/ Not in picture: Latricia Woodward, Emylea Adams,


From Left to Right: Front Row: Min Xiao, Josie Simmons, Derek Lehman, Autumn McCullough, Clara Thomson, Athena Nguyen/ Back Row: Samuel Wang, Jessica Shenoi, Olivia Gordon, Garrett Bryant, Jordan Stafford/ Not in picture: Latricia Woodward, Emylea Adams,

History: When Music is Medicine (MiM) existed as a separate entity, one of its goals along with its songwriting program was to create student chapters that would help spread their mission. One student chapter that attempted to go above and beyond and remained fairly active was the chapter at the University of Oklahoma that started in 2014. This chapter has grown through trial and error and made small but memorable impacts in the patient and student population in Oklahoma. They are the inspiration of our vision to expand Campus Chapters through Katie’s Art Project after Music is Medicine dissolved as a nonprofit and became an official division under KAP! We hope you can look at these memories to gain insight, inspiration, and ideas on what your KAP campus chapter can also do! Visit or contact for more information! Revisit the KAP CAMPUS CHAPTER GOALS here!

Past Presidents


Founder/President 2014-2016: Clara Thomson 

Clara started this chapter as a junior at OU and is currently a medical student at OU Health Science Center! Her decision to join the Music is Medicine cause has led her in the amazing journey from MiM to KAP that continues to inspire her everyday. She is currently the Executive Director of KAP Campus Chapters and participated in the Music is Medicine program. She describes herself as an extroverted introvert and loves to think BIG regardless of the outcome! 

Favorite Quote: (too many, but in the top 20) “Music is really business.. you have to be using all of your senses at the same time, and you have to be dancing with the circumstance and evolving” -Bradley Jacobs 

Read her full bio at the TEAM page here:


President/cO-fOUNDER 2014-2017: Min Xiao

Min Xiao grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and studied Microbiology at the University of Oklahoma (OU). She co-founded OU’s Music is Medicine in 2014 and served as Vice President and later President from 2015-2017. Her passion for music started in 6th grade with the violin and grew as she taught herself to play the guitar and the ukulele. When her grandma got sick and had to live under constant care at a nursing home, she would bring music to her grandma and other residents inside the nursing home. Her orchestra class back in high school also regularly performed for senior homes and share their love for music as well. Those experiences led her to see that music and service can go hand in hand to help patients and are what ultimately attracted her to bring about Music is Medicine to her college campus. Moving forward in her career in medicine, she hopes to stay rooted in her passion for music and service and use them to bring joy and comfort to those affected as much as she can. More importantly, she wishes to encourage more students to give themselves the chance to try out their ideas, even if they may seem like a long shot at first.

Favorite Quote: “the greatest failure is the failure to try.”-William Ward


President/Vice President 2016-2018: Autumn McCullough

Autumn McCullough joined the founding team of Music is Medicine in 2014 and had the privilege of rising from Event Coordinator in her freshmen year to President her senior year. Autumn spent much of her time working for a residential home for individuals with developmental disabilities as well as nursing homes for the elderly. During her time in each establishment she witnessed the power music had on the mental state of patients. This began her intrigue with the human mind and choosing to pursue a career in neurology.

When not studying Autumn is busy traveling, cooking, and creating content for her personal business.

Favorite quote: “So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” – Morrie Schwartz

Past Activities



Fulfilling KAP Campus Chapter Goal #2 

The OU Lip Sync Battle was created as the annual fundraiser to raise money for Music is Medicine programming and a medical cause of their choice. In 2016, they raised over $1000 for Music is Medicine and another $1000 for the Diamond Blackfan Foundation through a social media challenge. The OU LSB brings 6-7 contestants together that compete similar to the famous tv show in front of a group of judges. The idea of these fundraising projects that will be continued in KAP Campus Chapters is to bring student artistic talents together of any form to raise money for the KAP cause and other local medical causes, impacting patients albeit indirectly but still making a difference!

OU Daily Excerpt:

Check out this article from a former member of MiM at OU, and the lip sync battle winner of 2016, KC Poe.



Fulfilling KAP Campus Chapter Goal #1

Their first “Art Project”

The zone is a large play area at OU Children's Hospital, that is open to all pediatric patients admitted in the hospital. This was a program the students arranged, where undergrad students could bring their instruments, perform songs, and make homemade instrument crafts for the patients that came by once every month. The medical student at OUHSC participated as well on occasion. This is our idea of an art project that brings the student artistic talent  directly to the patient population! Music, painting, writing, etc.  Art is creativity and we want YOU to be #creatorsofArt for a great cause.



Fulfilling KAP Campus Chapter Goal #3

During small general body meetings, members were updated on future events or we had speaker meetings where we invited music therapists to speak to us. Some meetings we created videos that were sometimes shown at OU Children’s Hospital’s in house tv channel

Here are a few  memorable ones:

This social media challenge called #musicHealsDBA was held in conjunction with the OU Lip Sync Battle of 2016, inspired by a patient Audrey Nethery. We encouraged lip sync battle contestants and the executive team of that year to post a lip sync video and nominate three other people to do the same, all while donating any amount to the gofundme they created for the Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation.

Check out a compilation of all the students who raised money and made lip sync videos for the cause that year!

 The Kick off video: